Aine Belton

Áine Belton originates from County Meath, Ireland. Áine completed her M.A. in Fine Art in UCA Canterbury in 2012. She received her B.A. in Fine Art in the Visual Arts Practice from I.A.D.T., in Dublin (Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Dun Laoghaire) in 2009. She was a member of the CRATE and UCA project Collaborative Research Group (CRG) from 2013-2015. Áine does freelance graphic design as well as book making, exhibition reviews, and collage poetry. She is a co-editor of ESC Zine, an independent arts and literary zine that has a growing international presence. Most recently she has published over 20 written pieces in VierSomes 004. Her artworks have been selected for Limbo’s Associate Member Show, PhotoIreland Festival 2013, The European Media Arts Festival 2013 as well as in literary publications No-wave magazine, Oh Francis and Splinter magazine.

Áine’s medium experimentation includes drawing to video, sculpture, photography, audio, performance and installation art. Themes of time, humour, phenomenology, reality, technology, self-reliance and the human condition feature in Áine’s art practice. Within her installations she challenges the spectator to reconsider the impact of constructed realities that surround us on a day-to-day basis. Her work can often be absurd, surreal, violent aspiring to be visually poetic language that delineates from representation.

Associated Museum: Dover Transport Museum

Associated Project: The Journey to War

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The Journey to War

Áine Belton has created a reading and activity book based on the research she gathered from the Dover Transport Museum’s three WW1 exhibits.

Áine’s interest is in creating a resource that will engage children with the history of WW1 transport and the town of Dover during the First World War. ‘The Journey to War’ book is full of colourful illustrations of the museum’s WW1 exhibits as well as informative text.

The book has an in depth look at the history and use of the museum’s Blériot XI-2 monoplane, the Sunbeam military bicycle and Pierce-Arrow lorry. Primarily aimed at children aged 7-11, the book contains an activity section and encourages children to explore the town of Dover. For Áine, a book was the preferred medium because of its longevity and interaction. A book can be revisited many times. It can last for years and share insights into times past.
Associated Artist: Aine Belton
Associated Museum: Dover Transport Museum