WW1 activity book

Posted on December 5, 2015

I’ve really been enjoying the process of writing, editing and laying out my WW1 activity book for the DMAG project. It’s not until I’m copying in my text that I realise the bulk of my research so I’ve been cutting down and condensing any earlier facts/history that is not as important as the Sunbeam bicycle, Blériot XI-2 and the Pierce Arrow lorry. Uncovering the history of the bicycle as been very fascinating – I’d read about all the previous experiments with materials and form feeling that the technology today is not too far off the safety bicycle of the late 1890s! Even the Blériot XI-2, getting detailed photos of the structure and bareness of the model is a little scary…more because Harriet Quimby was so exposed to the elements!!

Here is a preview of some of the bicycle chapter – this is the unedited version for now. I’ve been lucky to use some historical photos/mechanical drawings from the British Library that are royalty free – they’ve been a good basis for drawing.