Writing and editing for kids

Posted on February 16, 2016

A majority of the research from my project has concluded in this educational WW1 book for kids in KS2.

There were sections I would love to have included like the role of women in the war, the women’s land army and to elaborate further on the history of the army service corps. It’s the importance of the objects within the Dover Transport Museum that bring me back to my focus for the Sunbeam military issue bicycle, Blériot XI-2 monoplane model and Pierce Arrow lorry have so much to tell young children. I was able to expand more on the role of the town of Dover during WW1 and the history of bicycles as the museum is able to make these connections and show living history.

It was very enjoyable to test my own reading and writing skills when it came to creating the activity section! Even with proofreading and spell checking the drafts of the book I have missed a few spelling and grammar errors. It goes to show that it doesn’t matter how close you are with studying anything, you can still overlook the basics right below your nose! For one of the illustrations – the Sunbeam military bicycle I had to draw on a chain oil bath to match the period bicycle on display in the museum. However on the battlefield the bicycle did not have this chain oil bath so that maintenance could be carried out quickly. Can you imagine the pressure of bicycle maintenance during reconnaissance missions? It takes me a good 40 minutes in the winter weather to repair a flat! I would be lucky to be alive if I was a soldier back then!

I shall leave you with some pages of my book, I am sure this is the final draft of the cover and pages inside the book – it’s a total of 48 pages and will be a nice full colour print with silk emulsion paper and a sturdy card cover 🙂 Some of these books will be on display on May 20 at DAD’s Inspiration = Dover (click the link for tickets).

Belton Book cover

Belton Dover inside

Belton poster

Belton Sunbeam


Belton Bleriot