walking proposal (part 2)

Posted on April 21, 2015

I’ve been researching and thinking more about my ‘walking work’ with the help of the informative Miners Way Trail guidebook.


It’s a big task but at the moment i’m trying to work out feasible and historically relevant routes for a walking event. I think it would be good to integrate East Kent Railway for a leg of the journey and it makes sense to focus on the main colliery sites, so I’m concentrating on the southern half of the Miners Way Trail.



I’ve realised that the direction my project is taking is an oral history-type one, and I’m interested in what could be done with the spoken/audio format in relation to spatial navigation and the perception of place.

This research is opening up so many ideas and has made me revisit a big handful of artists who work with walking/touring/site or context-specific navigation. Jennie Savage is a particularly interesting example and people have also put me on to The Museum of Walking.

I’m also thinking that an audio guide of some kind could be a nice souvenir (perhaps in the form of a collection of ex-miners’ responses to the different colliery sites).

The walking continues…