Then and Now Installed

Posted on September 15, 2015

On Sunday I installed 7 framed prints of the volunteers at White Mill alongside images of women at work during WW1, licensed for exhibition from the Imperial War Museum.  This along with theBakers, Makers and Brewers fair was my response to White Mill.

Despite the weather there was a steady stream of visitors and it was a great opportunity to see how these images were found and read within the context of the museum.  There are some tweeks to be made, the main one is to add labelling to the picture themselves to go alongside the handout.

It was lovely to meet Matthias Koch and he was shown around by the Chairman, Ray before making his way to find Richborough Port.

The Grain Store Ray and Matthias Ray and Bruce Mowing and ploughing Martin and wood cutter M Joanna and Ray John and the Smithy The seven The shop