The Legacy of Tull and Nevill: Shoot Day

Posted on October 6, 2015


On Saturday 3rd I went about recreating the image of Billie Nevill and Walter Tull.

I had scoured the internet for a long time and had struggled to find models that resembled Billie and Walter but eventually came to two final models who both loved the project and fitted the description within reason and timing. _MG_9781 _MG_9775

My make up artist, Susan, done a fantastic job with moustache application and also helped me with the uniform styling and arrangement. Tom, our Billie Model, was a fantastic actor and helped greatly with shaping his pose and facial positions to resemble that of Billie’s in the images we had.


I wanted to create a very realistic feel to the images, not so much with the accuracy of the uniforms but with the look of the models and how they represented the youth of Billie and Walter. Bringing home the idea that these two men aren’t just legends to be written about and studied but two young men who were studying themselves along with following a promising football career until they were asked to go to war. I hope by creating moving colour portraits that young visitors to the museum may gain a better understanding of the two men’s lives and the lives lost during WWI.



_MG_9783 _MG_9763


Thankfully the team worked incredibly well and the models understood my needs for the project perfectly, Susan done an incredible job applying the moustaches and we all had a great chat about Billie and Walter and their story which helped us greatly whilst tying to create the images.

In addition to the moving portraits and images I plan to create  QR code for the museums use that allows the visitors to instantly activate a bio of the two men along with the GIF portraits created using android phones.


Big thanks to John Dargan for arranging the uniforms for the shoot!