Socks for the Front

Posted on February 13, 2015

Socks for the Front

White Mill have found in their archive a sock-knitting machine. It’s a wonderful device packaged neatly in a wooden box and still with a remnant of a green sock dangling with the circle of needles.

During WW1 Queen Mary was called upon by Lord Kitchener to start a campaign for ensuring that the men at war in the trenches were supplied with hand knitted socks. So apparently she paid for the wool and women across the country knitted socks by the thousands to send those fighting.

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This piece of machinery is now a key artifact in the Museums’ collection lovingly restored by volunteer Gillian and will feature in our event for National Mills Weekend. A Bakers, Makers and Brewers Fair celebrating the use of traditional skills in contemporary art and the role the Mill and the lives of the people who lived there, particularly the women who played a central role working the land, keeping the country going during WW1.