Resolving the Animation for Western Heights

Posted on January 6, 2016

I’ve been working on the animation for the Western Heights Preservation Society. The process I used is detailed as follows. I edited a text together from about 3 sources, the main source was from Phil Eydens book; an account of the Battle of Le Cateau from a member of the King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment, a 2nd Lieutenant with ‘B’ Company, 1st Batallion. Other sources were used to give the account some context.

I took the text and assigned imagery to it and created the imagery that the text suggested to me. This involved a lot of research to find images that I could adapt and work with. I recieved permission from the Imperial War Museum and Pathé to work from material from their online content. I recorded the narrative and edited the sound together until I was satisfied that I had enough information to tell the story that I had set out to tell. I began to lay out the animation and images over the sound.

This revealed the shortcomings of my initial visualisation. There were gaps and some of the sections needed a more sophisticated approach. From here I began to develop some of the visual ideas further in After Effects and produced more imagery to capture and place in the film.

The screen shot below shows the current edit in Premiere Pro. My narration is ok, some of the pronunciation and delivery can be improved. I might be that I get someone else to record it. I also need to add more sounds that relate to the imagery. I also need to add some text to put the film in context, either at the start of the film, throughout or lose the narration and add inter-titles bewteen the different sections.

Le Cateau project screen grab copy