18 – Receiver & Pegasus

Posted on September 30, 2015

000 DMAG blog 6th workshop_Receiver-Pegasus-1

Today’s workshop saw the near completion of the fifth member of the Friendly Army. The structure is entitled Receiver and refers to the WW1 sound locators that preceded radar technology to detect enemy aircraft. A few remaining sound mirrors can still be found along the coast of the Dover district. For more information on WW1 ear trumpets and other sound detectors, please see one of my earlier posts:

EKR – Listen!

The listening device of the eight-legged Receiver is constructed out of two East Kent Railway water pipes dating back to the 1910s. The structure now only needs two listener-friendly ear trumpets at the rear and two vertical blades at the front to be completed.

I also found some time to test ideas for the sixth and final sculpture, Pegasus, which takes its inspiration from WW1 biplanes – the sound of which Receiver would have tried to locate. Watch out for more information on WW1 aeroplanes and the “1918 Last Moonlight Raid on England” in one of my next posts. For now, please click on the slide show below to see some photographs of today’s making session.