Reading, writing, reminding

Posted on November 18, 2015

The past few weeks have been very informative since dedicating myself to my Dover Transport Museum kids activity book.
I’ve been focusing on making an age appropriate educational tool explaining WW1, the importance of Dover and the resources in the museum.
My notes began to be ‘translated’ for kids during the summer. Back then I thought so much relating cycling to children as I look over my notes
on different chapters. Now I have to reassess the values on the project as a whole, given the shocking events at the weekend with the numerous
terror attacks in Europe and Beirut. How exactly do you explain violence and war to a child? Do you explain the pull in power? The conflict
because of treaties? The loss of life is hard to comprehend, as we remember on Armistice day….the extent of conflict and how far reaching it is.

For now i’ll focus on the amazing strengths of the Dover Patrol.

Here’s an excerpt or two from the text i’m creating from my research:
‘In the Dover Patrol, they had a variety of ships or vessels used. There were Royal Navy ships and submarines and also fishing boats of various sizes, paddle, seaplanes, steamers and barges.
Fact: Did you know that that almost 125,000 supply ships passed through the Dover Patrol area. It is thought that only 73 of these ships were lost to German submarines. That’s still a very good record over the 4 years of war.
The main objective of the Dover Patrol was to stop enemy German shipping—mainly submarines—from travelling in the English Channel that would have been trying to reach the Atlantic Ocean. German ships would then have to travel all the way up to Scotland…where another patrol was waiting to stop them!’