‘Perseverance Overcomes Difficulties’

Posted on September 11, 2014

My first visit to White Mill Rural Heritage Centre was at the beginning of August. A charming place on the outskirts of Sandwich near an animal feeds centre and White Mill Farm shop.

The youngest volunteer is 70.

As I walked around the domestic interior of the cottage these objects caught my eye; a box of neatly compartmentalised herbs and sewing items; posters of elaborate baking goods and jellies; a fan of wallpapers found when restoring the cottage; a series of 3 holes in the wooden shutters covering the windows, consistently placed on each window and…

Prevention is better than cure
Perseverance overcomes difficulties
Indolence is a powerful enemy
Ill gotten gains never proposer

A series of lines on ruled paper, each phrase repeated several times, not dated, scribed in beautiful handwriting.

Finally, a portrait of Gertrude Stanley who grew up at the Mill at the turn of the 20th Century with a wonderful brief account of her early life and losing her father so young – she intrigues me…..


Portrait of Gertrude in White Mill Rural Heritage Centre
Portrait of Gertrude in White Mill Rural Heritage Centre