Our First visit to The Guildhall Museum In Sandwich

Posted on February 21, 2015

On our first visit to the museum we met with John and Ray who gave us a guided tour of the museum.  The Guildhall is a small museum  full of wonderful artefacts. Straight away we were both really fascinated by the objects and in awe of the wealth of information that John and Ray possess about local history that we will be exploring and documenting once the the museum opens again (as it closes for winter). Our aim at this stage is to draw and catalogue artefacts and ephemera.  We are really interested by the stories behind the objects and uncovering local accounts.

We want to utilise John and Ray as much as possible as it is clear that they are a walking ‘museum’  due to the amount of knowledge that they possess on local history and WW1.  We also want to involve the  community to gather further personal accounts and stories from locals.  We would like to do this by interviewing locals and involving local schools.

Our initial idea is to generate a visual book mapping key dates and events of WW1 with more personal accounts placing the objects within the timeframe.

We also plan to explore Richborough, maybe mapping the remnants from the War.

The images below are mono prints from some of the artefacts we saw in the museum…more to follow.