In situ

Posted on June 7, 2016

On Tuesday 24th May I installed my completed film work at Aylesham.

With the help of Keith and Eric the flat screen TV was mounted on one of the back walls and, after putting up the large Kent Miners’ Festival community drawing a few weeks ago, we completed the display with a selection of the smaller framed drawings.

Version 2 Version 2 DSC02137_edit_low res_3

It was a bit difficult to get the drawings looking really effective in the slightly limited space and light of the back corner but nonetheless we achieved quite a good arrangement.

I went back the next day when the heritage centre was open to add the labels and other final touches.

DSC02101_edit_lower res DSC02084_edit_lower res_6

Richard Tubman’s son Des, who I interviewed for the film, came along with his nephew to watch the final film with me – he seemed pleased with my interpretation and uncovering of his dad’s story and was particularly interested in the relationship it provoked with my grandad’s. We then looked through some photographs of the Snowdown Colliery mine rescue team, many of which he is in, having followed in his dad’s footsteps.DSC02076_low res_5

A small issue still to resolve is the audio – when the heritage centre is busy as it was yesterday, it’s tricky to hear all of the dialogue from the TV without a disruptive volume. Headphones provide a more intimate experiencing of the artwork but in this very communal environment it’s not really appropriate to restrict it to a one-person-at-a-time engagement. Some small embedded speakers might be necessary…

Heaps and Lines and Hearts and Mines, along with the drawings, is now a permanent, contemporary feature in Aylesham Heritage Centre’s collection.