In plane sight

Posted on November 18, 2015

In the museum there is a scale model plane of the Blériot XI-2 monoplane (with an 8ft wingspan).

Harriet Quimby, an early American aviator and a movie screenwriter, becoming the first woman to gain a pilot’s license in America in 1911.

On the morning of April 16th, 1912, she became the first woman to fly across the English Channel, here is her story…
Harriet crossed the strait by aircraft in just under an hour – a day after the Titanic sank! Louis Blériot himself whom had flown the Blériot in July of 1909 over the English channel in 36min 55sec. Harriet flew from Dover, England, to Hardelot, France (about 25 miles south of Calais).
The tragic sinking of the Titanic was all over the news and probably took away the limelight that Harriet was due.
Maximum Speed reached: 47 mph

Here’s a photo of Harriet. I am nervous seeing how little material there is to the plane… I am used to Ryanair’s airbuses and how sturdy they are!
Empty, the plane weighs about 326kgs.


The design of the Blériot XI-2 is credited to Louis Blériot and Raymond Saulnier.
Here’s a sample layout of what i’m planning on the Harriet Quimby section of my activity book.
Ignore the text, it’s just there to fill space as I figure out the illustrations!

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