Halloween at the Heights

Posted on November 18, 2015

The Western Heights Preservation Society had a fright night for Halloween. It was an opportunity for me to try out an idea for a sound piece that developed out of filming the General Ivor Maxse piece a few weeks before. I had captured the sound of Dan Elliots’ boots walking around the caponier and I wanted to play that sound in the space where it had been recorded


My hope was that it would be ‘atmospheric’, evoking the idea of a ghostly soldier returning to patrol an old haunt. I also thought it might be a bit of fun to get involved; to see if it would contribute to the evenings frivolity. It got a bit lost in the high spirits of the event!


My intention was to see how the sound would work in the space. I was pleased with this; it would need to be part of a more controlled event to work well. I might need to record a more specific sound piece to play in that space or play it somewhere else, maybe at the Princess of Wales Museum.

The last two workshops have been useful for my practice as I have had the opportunity to try different methodologies in response to space.