05 – Pioneers

Posted on February 25, 2015

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Here a glimpse of the first ideas for my East Kent Railway project. I’ve started working on a group of sited sculptures marking the thresholds, crossings and (missing) connections between the EKR site and it’s surrounding landscape. This friendly army of sculptural pioneers guards and surveys the tracks, visually re-establishes the former links with the adjacent collieries, and guides visitors and passers-by along a sequence of selected stations and situations. Each sculpture is a strange hybrid creature, something between historical marker, perception device and semi-anthropomorphic, semi-architectural form.

I’m planning to make use of the expertise and metalworking skills of the EKR community for the construction of the artefacts (should they like the idea). The objects could either be constructed and installed in one go, or they could appear incrementally. Once they are in place, I would like to organise walks along and beyond the remaining tracks – potentially in conjunction with the already existing East Kent Coalfields and Miners’ Trail heritage walks.

Please click on the gallery below to see the initial collages I did in order to find out if this idea could get me anywhere.