Drawing and Stitching at White Mill

Posted on May 17, 2016

Marcia and Rosie led the 9th DMAG drawing and stitching workshop on 7 June 2015 at the amazing White Mill Rural Heritage Centre near Sandwich.

“We had a great turn out and fantastic weather. Participants enjoyed the sun and explored the White Mill site through drawing and then stitching, taking  the centre’s garden, the outbuildings (the millers’ original house, with a fantastic collection of domestic objects, and the various workshops full of tools and machines) as well as the windmill itself as subjects for a series of pencil drawings and quick paintings with acrylic and wash. We also looked at the history of the Women’s Land Army, which was founded during World War I and had 23,000 members (of the 300,000 women who worked the land in the absence of male workers). 

During the afternoon, most participants stayed and created innovative stitched bunting designs based on their drawings plus images of rural women labourers and various iron-on images Rosie provided of the the Women’s Land Army uniform, with its amazing leather boots! We had a great introduction from Ray Horton, Chairman of the Trustees, and were delighted that DMAG artist in residence Cathy Rogers joined us as well. Another great day out exploring East Kent heritage and WWI history through art making!” (Marcia Teusink)

As with the previous workshops, all those taking part thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Drawing workshop:

The best thing about the workshop:

  • Being let loose to explore and try and capture images
  • Learning how to improve my drawings
  • Close-up – far away. Drawing is fun and made me feel happy
  • Freedom to draw and observe
  • Having a go at drawing

The most surprising thing:

  • The history of the mill.
  • That shading can help when drawing bends and curves
  • I can draw
  • How much is involved in drawing
  • How easy drawing is once started

The most interesting thing:

  • The talk by Ray Horton.
  • Drawing with different types of pencil
  • Meeting other people
  • Shading and texture of drawings

Other comments:

  • Wonderful facilities and location – please do more workshops!
  • I learnt how to draw different things.
  • New possibilities.
  • Excellent venue which gives lots of inspiration

Stitching workshop:

The best thing about the workshop:

  • Different techniques and having a go
  • New skills
  • Techniques to try
  • Learning how to stitch and iron new things

The most surprising thing:

  • It is not as difficult as it looks
  • that it is hard to get started
  • Bunting is fun – can be subversive
  • that you could iron patterns onto materials

The most interesting thing:

  •  Free machining
  • making a picture with fabric
  • Design can grow as you do it
  • How to use new techniques

Other comments

  • Friendly, informative, knowledge sharing
  • A lovely time, super people
  • Just lots of fun – very absorbing – can be very political
  • Helpful people

Photos by Clare Smith and Rosie James