Drawing and Stitching at Sandwich Guildhall

Posted on May 17, 2016
On Saturday 7 March 2015, the by now very popular drawing and stitching workshops took place at the Guildhall Sandwich.
“The day began with John Scollard opening up the museum just for us. He gave us a brief history of Sandwich and told us about Sandwich’s connection with WW1, including showing us the stories he is gathering from local people. ( He is still interested in hearing peoples stories BTW) We spent some time in the museum, drawing from the collection and making notes. We then headed off to the wharf with a quick look at the WW1 memorial. The wharf was a great place to draw from considering Sandwich’s role in WW1 in shipping soldiers across to France via Richborough, on specially built RO RO ferries. It was a time to reflect on the huge undertaking that was.
Back to the Guildhall, where Marcia introduced us to the technique of ink drawing, using brushes, black ink and wet paper.
Using old photographs of Richborough port and dazzleships as inspiration.
After a break for lunch, the stitching began, following on from the drawing, using cut out silhouettes of ships, and stripes echoing the dazzleships camouflage. Using a wide range of fabrics and trimmings to create some very individual bunting, which reflected the focus of Sandwich and Richborough.” (Rosie James)

Drawing workshop:

The best thing about the workshop:

  • Learning new skills both with the drawing and the stitching
  • Learning how to use indian ink and taking in a more patient manner to sketch around me.
  • Learning more about Sandwich in WW1 and the Razzle Dazzle ships. There is a lot of potential there for me to do more work on that.

The most surprising thing:

  • I didn’t know about the secret of Richborough port.
  • That Sandwich has an excellent amount of WW1 artefacts. Very exciting to be able to draw them!
  • About the RAzzle Dazzle Ships

The most interesting thing:

  • The Razzle Dazzle ships and the exciting art that was occurring in the world at a time when not so nice things were happening
  • …there were lots of interesting facts about the history of World War One and Sandwich
  • How to use the indian ink to layer up drawings.

Other comments:

  • The day was very well organised by clever and interesting people; the well organised activities, and the knowledge of the people
  • I enjoyed exploring the town, museum and then coming back to learn more about razzle dazzle boats by Norman Wilkinson
  • Another great workshop. Thanks. Improving my drawing skills  

Stitching workshop:

The best thing about the workshop:

  • Learning new tequniques and seeing other people’s ideas
  • Learning new skills and textile applications

The most surprising thing:

  • That so many people are interested in such a wide variety of artistic things
  • How easy it can be to design and stitch drawings

The most interesting thing:

  • As with the first workshop. I was very interested in the historical facts about Sandwich particularly the secret Richborough port.
  • How sewing machines can be used for drawing

Other comments:

  • A very enjoyable day indeed; very good organisation by knowledgable people and lots of materials supplied
  • I enjoyed learning about Sandwich’s history and using the town and it’s memorabilia to make bunting and drawings
  • can now use bonda web the right way!!!

Photos by Aine Belton and Rosie James