Drawing and Stitching at Drop Redoubt

Posted on May 16, 2016

Two workshops held at Drop Redoubt on 19 October 2014 gave participants a chance to draw in this amazing space in the morning and hand-stitch bunting pennants, inspired by the venue and its WW1 connections in the afternoon. In the drawing workshop participants experimented with capturing light and shade and in the afternoon used old shirts, bandages, hessian, old linens, dyed blankets for the bunting, in response to the Drop Redoubt’s use as a former military hospital.

The unseasonably warm weather enhanced the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of the day. Well done to everyone who made it up the steps – it is admittedly not the most accessible venue!

A few quotes from participants:

The best thing:

  • sewing, relaxation and conversation
  • Access to an unusual site that isn’t usually open to the public
  • Expert tuition regarding perspective
  • The most surprising thing:
  • no plans to restore the Drop Redoubt
  • scale of the site
  • The drawing space was very charged with memories, Its History could be seen and felt within the space

The most interesting thing:

  • So many folk billeted there in WW1
  • The details of the use of the Drop Redoubt and its importance during the War periods

Other comments:

  • Interesting site with masses of scope regardless of your interest in/knowledge of  history. The teacher assessed the level of ability within the group and adjusted her session accordingly. She was also interested in the work produced and in the participants. All the people involved with running the day were friendly, helpful and enthusiastic.
  • A fantastic place to create, with a group of like minded people 

Photos by Clare Smith