Christmas card and decoration workshop at the Dover Transport Museum

Posted on December 8, 2015

Sunday was mighty day for weather down in Dover, the winds were high but we still had some enthusiastic faces come to the Dover Transport Museum. I had a smaller crew of 4 children and 1 adult come to the workshop that was to start from 11am-1pm. Most of my resources had been used on the Saturday Christmas decoration workshop in the Discovery Centre. The footfall had been much higher than I had anticipated and participants had been very keen to try their hand at everything I had! Luckily, Dover town has a few good places to restock and I thought this time that i’d ask the Sunday participants to come up with designs for a Dover Transport Museum Christmas card as well as the decorations that I had planned like the button bicycles, cars, trees and snowflakes. The age group consisted of a group of young girls around ages 7-9 and their very creative Mum. A 2yr old came along as well and I helped him one to one make some decorations as well as allowed him to do some colouring! We had some gorgeous train and Greenham lorry designs with poppy buttons and Santa Claus be created. There were trees as well and of course the button bicycles and selection of baubles were made. I couldn’t have been happier with the energy from this group of participants, they have made me want to do more workshops in the future. Here is a selection of photographs of the creations we made. Enjoy!