Choosing book covers

Posted on February 16, 2016

There were many iconic illustrations I could have used for the cover of my Dover Transport Museum activity book but my favourite idea that included both the town and represented an object from the museum was using the Blériot and Dover castle image. I had two layouts for the cover. I thought that that first one with Harriet Quimby was a good move but then I realized that it wasn’t so specific to the theme of WW1. I updated the illustration to include Louis Blériot himself that can also be mistaken for a member of the flying corps. This was done on purpose so that on reading the Blériot section you can recognize his portrait with his charming big mustache! Using a more recognizable image of Dover castle was very important too, I wanted to make a strong cover that is symbolic of the area and the flight Louis did over the English Channel.

You can see the two covers below, both have the same WW1 book title and Europe map background. I liked the use of tattered paper and brown colour to show age and as a reminder of secret documents that were created so small to be concealed inside other objects. That’s a whole other story, the use of carrier pigeons is a good area to look up if that is what interests you. I’ve much enjoyed reading about that in the Eyewitness Book on WW1 with the Imperial War Museum, such a great book for kids –

Belton cover final

Belton cover draft