Can you help create a picture of the First World War in St Margarets?

Posted on May 29, 2015

Here is the call out which was published in the St Margarets Village Spring Newsletter 2015;

St Margarets Museum has teamed up with ten other museums across Dover district to create a series of new artworks which respond to the WW1 archives which they contain. Artist Nicole Mollett has worked in many museums across Kent, is working with the curator at St Margaret’s to produce new work which will highlight the strong connectionthe village has with the First World War. The museum holds a beautiful collection of postcards sent home by soldiers, and a ‘Deadman’s Penny’ discovered buried in the village.

Drawing on plane
Nicole is looking for help in finding any local photographs especially portraits of people’s faces from World War One. She is trying to piece together a drawing of what day to day life was like in St Margarets between 1914-1918. It could also be a letter home, a lucky memento or a childhood memory. She is working on a series of drawings which will lead to a larger artwork, and hopes to discover lesser known peoples’ stories of World War One. Can you help?

The idea is to produce a very large drawing which includes as many faces as possible, and also represents those who we have no photographs for who served in the War. It will be both portraiture and abstract. There will be a legend which explains who each of the faces was. I hope to include people of all ages, and walks of life, so long as they were present in St Margarets during WW1.

The final work will be mounted like a map, on folded canvas to be hung inside the museum and other public spaces in the area (t.b.c.).
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