Brewers, Makers & Bakers Fair

Posted on May 13, 2015

Back in January I met with Neil Aplin a trustee at White Mill Heritage Centre with Joanna and Clare to discuss my ideas for a piece of work / event at White Mill.  I wanted to take advantage of National Mills Weekend (9/10 May) to celebrate the historic function of the Mill, it’s place in the local community as provider of grain and ultimately food and the daily domestic duties of baking, mending, sewing and making.

The aim was to highlight the relevance of that today and with the veneration of the ‘artisan’ with all things handmade and re-made in contemporary culture (seen with food, drink, crafts, fashion and furniture) it seemed timely to remember the early 1900s a time when these activities were a necessary part of everyday life.

So the fair included; bakers, brewers, a cidery, ceramics, stitching, weaving, wood turning, blacksmithing, spinning and knitting.   Here are some photos from the weekend.

photo 3  photo 2  photo 2-2   Clair Basket Weaving  Pieter and Julia Judging Baking Ravensgate Live Brew 2 Ravensgate Live Brew 3 Ravensgate Live Brew 4 Rough Old Wives Cidery Clare and Linda sock blanket



*(much more than this and also without Neil and Ray, the Chairman, my time at White Mill would not have been so fruitful).