The unsettled artwork

Posted on December 5, 2015

I am now in the depths of going through, negotiating and editing together all of the documentation and research material that I’ve generated through the various strands of my project.

Even in this final stage the form and ideas of the work are still very much shifting about from continually encountering new relationships between the information as I look through it and consider how it could be presented. Working digitally with film and audio editing is still quite a new process for me so there is also the element of time and experimentation coming into the mix.

To conclude my project at Aylesham I am wanting to display a collection of interrelated pieces – drawings, texts, photographs and a layered audio-visual work – which interpret the various histories, personal stories and relationships I’ve uncovered in relation to local mining and the community. It will layer together research-based elements of the early coalfield activity during WW1 with documents of the conversations and events of my project (which have themselves been interpretations of these histories).

I’m intending the particular narratives of my grandfather and Richard Tubman as miners to tie these together in some way…