Simon Martin and John Dargan

Simon Martin was born in Canterbury in 1991 and grew up in Sittingbourne . He graduated from Middlesex University in 2013 where he self published his first book ‘Mini Golf’. Currently Simon is continuing with personal projects and commissions within the UK and his home town where he hopes to help young creatives find a platform for their work.

Simon’s work focuses on the passionate and dedicated, taking the viewer into corners of British culture that you may never have noticed.

John Dargan is a Senior Lecturer in Lens-Based Media at the University for the Creative Arts at Canterbury. Recently he has been working on more socially engaged projects like ‘Sham Fever’, an interactive digital media project in Faversham, and has shown his artist books at the London Art Book Fair in the Whitechapel Art Gallery.

‘Responding to what is around me is key. Being open to new possibilities, new situations, new ways of developing ideas is vital and a means to exciting outcomes and an exciting life! Using drawing, painting, film, animation, artist books, photography and interactive events, helps manifest responses appropriate to a subject, place or space.’

Associated Museum: PWRR Queen’s Regiment Museum

Associated Projects: Major General Ivor Maxse and Legacy of Wilfred ‘Billie’ Nevill

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