Rob McDonald and Tania McCormack

Rob McDonald’s work combines both graphic sensibilities of a visual narrative through complex structured images generated through silkscreen, collaged paintings whilst building an interaction between colour and mark making. The makeup of my work is derivative of our social conditioning which controls our values of taste, aesthetics and judgements. It also attempts to question the changing face of British and European society from Social Housing and Town planning to our interaction within the nucleus of family values, looking at TV culture to the importance of play.

Tania McCormack has worked on a variety of commissioned work in Vancouver and exhibited in the UK and Canada.

The mundane and everyday become minute records, a small history captured within her drawings. Her main tool is pencil. “Drawing with pencil is accessible and immediate, echoing my inspiration that to draw is a never-ending process, a record of intense, private moments of nostalgia, escape and loss.”

Associated Museum: Sandwich Guildhall

Associated Project: It will be all over


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