Louisa Love

Aylesham Heritage Centre
Heaps and Lines and Hearts and Mines

Louisa Love is a Dover-born contemporary artist with a varied and multilayered practice encompassing sculpture, installation, writing, research, curation and collaborative activity. She is interested in the nature of the artistic process and the multiple ways in which knowledge is generated, exchanged and negotiated creatively. Working experimentally (and often collaboratively), she continually seeks to shift and test her practice to investigate the complex relationships between making, researching, thinking and presenting.

Since graduating from University for the Creative Arts with her BA in Fine Art in 2013, Louisa has been extending her studio-focused practice into the public realm through various collaborative/curatorial projects, exhibitions, pedagogic programmes and socially engaged activity. From September 2013 – April 2015 she was a member of Collaborative Research Group, a post-academic research and education programme, and has worked as Artist in Residence and Interregional Co-ordinator at UCA Canterbury.

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Aylesham Heritage Centre

Set up and run voluntarily by members of East Kent’s ex-miners’ community, Aylesham Heritage Centre stores and archives the history of the Kent coalfield. The village of Aylesham was built in the 1920s to accommodate workers of the nearby Snowdown colliery, one of the four main collieries (alongside Tilmanstone, Betteshanger and Chislet) to be established in East Kent following the discovery of coal during early borings for the Channel Tunnel in the late 19th century.

The centre holds a growing collection of photographs, mining artefacts, books, recordings and films particularly related to Snowdown colliery and the associated Aylesham community, as well as an archive of local newspaper clippings dating back to 1904. Unique memories and conversations can also be found at AHC in the form of the miners themselves.

Elvington and Eythorne Heritage Centre has subsequently been set up in the village of Elvington to record and display the history of Tilmanstone colliery, and further collections dedicated to Betteshanger and Chislet collieries are also being gathered and preserved by members of the mining community.

Further information can be found at: http://www.movetheminer.org

Associated Artist: Louisa Love
Associated Project: Heaps and Lines and Hearts and Mines

Heaps and Lines and Hearts and Mines

Louisa Love’s project in conjunction with Aylesham Heritage Centre has explored the early history of coal mining in East Kent, from the establishment of the collieries following initial Channel Tunnel borings in 1890, to the tunnelling processes carried out by miners during WW1 and the development of the associated coalfield landscapes and communities.

Through ongoing conversations with the community of ex-miners at Aylesham, looking through its archives and carrying out exploratory walks along the Miners’ Way Trail in the former colliery landscape, the artist became interested in exploring narrative ways of navigating and connecting together the various historical, personal and physical perspectives of coal mining. She has interpreted this body of research activity through both individual and collaborative experiments with walking, drawing, collecting and recording.

Louisa’s concluding artwork for Aylesham Heritage Centre takes the form of a multi-narrative film loosely weaving together the stories of two local men who worked in the East Kent collieries - Richard Tubman, one of the youngest men to fight in the First World War, and Wilfred Allsopp, the artist’s own grandfather, who moved to Kent from South Wales to work at Betteshanger Colliery. Gathering together collaboratively captured field recordings, video documents produced by Louisa and interview footage, the film portrays a personal, meandering, memorial journey through the present-day coalfield landscape which reflects on the various experiences of being a miner through the guiding narratives of these two figures.

A collaborative drawing and a selection of smaller sketches created during a community drawing event held by the artist at the 2015 Kent Miners’ Festival also accompany Louisa’s film in her final display at Aylesham Heritage Centre.

Heaps and Lines and Hearts and Mines : Film by Louisa Love


Associated Artist: Louisa Love
Associated Museum: Aylesham Heritage Centre