Soldiers Possessions

Posted on April 27, 2015



At the beginning of the month myself and John made a visit to the PWRR Queens Museum at Dover Castle, we were both fascinated by the personal possessions and photos that had been donated by veterans and their families through out numerous wars. It was heart warming to see the happy encounters the men had during their service but the realities were ever present. Representing the human sacrifice that occurs through the act of war I want the final art work to portray, creating a piece that enhances the museums displays but also reminds the viewer that these artefacts and tales of heroism once had owners.







Since the visit I have been researching and discussing with John the idea of recreating certain soldiers portraits from the museums displays. The idea behind this is to hopefully bring the memory of WWI closer to reality for the younger museum visitors.





Using 5×4 colour reversal film I hope to give a realistic depiction of what they looked like through careful model selection and styling. Displaying the positives on a light box for display next to the items and paintings currently on display at the museum. Alternatively I’m thinking of maybe creating a moving portrait using video that could be displayed on a loop through a screen within the display. This depends on the preference of the museum and Henry the curator, and what they think will be more appreciated by their visitors.





I look forward to the next steps within the creation of the portraits and hope to include a local cadet company that I have worked with in the past for potential museum visits and collaboration regarding the portrait reenactment.