24 – Sentinels

Posted on May 13, 2016

On Wednesday 11th of May the first three members of the Friendly Army were positioned in the landscape. Prior to my arrival at East Kent Railway, Mark Hopewell and his team had already prepared the foundations and had moved the sculptures to their respective locations. After a less successful attempt two weeks earlier, we managed to situate three sculptures in one day. A big THANK YOU to Mark and the whole team at EKR: Gareth, Robert, Jack, Vincent, Craig, Tony, Thomas, Nicholas, Mathew and Damian, and to the local farmer for lending us his pickup truck.

Tower and Organ now patrol the public footpath at the farmers crossing and Receiverstands guard next to Shooters Hill Road at Eythorne station. Next week, the Pegasussculpture will be placed on top of the remaining buttress of Wigmore Lane Bridge, the northern end of the East Kent Railway line. Cross and Dragoon will be sited after the DMAG Joined Up exhibition in Dover on the 20th of May.

Please click on the slideshow below to see images of the installation process, of the three sculptures in situ and of our very first (multi-legged) visitors.