Posted on August 20, 2014

Passing the British Library, noticed a hoarding for a new Folio Society exhibition titled Enduring War: Grief, Grit and Humour. A series of carefully composed vitrines, wall displays and interactive recorded histories documenting various lives of WW1. In reading the manuscripts, maps and messages, a recruitment poster particularly struck a chord – its proportions different to the others shown in the exhibition. Boldly printed in yellow, black and white, its dimension set ready for the small advertising slots on train carriages above the seats across the rail network. Titled: Lads your wanted: Go and Help (1915), provoked a poem titled, Recruiting by Ewart Alan Mackintosh. Here Mackintosh extrapolates the spatial extent of war circulating in all aspects of life in the home front.

Every nook and cranny becomes a place of reference, reflection and action.