Posted on February 18, 2016

BT_wallpaper installed_cp

Over the last month or so a new boiler has been installed in Deal Town Hall, as the old one broke. This has meant a rethink on the scale and location of the wallpaper, as the cloakroom has become a boiler room. Today, after looking at new possible locations with the Deal Town Hall team, the simple oak framed sample was installed in the staff room. The sunshine came out soon after hanging and managed to capture some reflections for the film work.

maison dieu_ceiling

maison dieu_dividers

Afterward managed a swift site visit to Maison Dieu in Dover to check out the space for the upcoming DMAG event in May. The Halls and perspectives are astonishing and look forward to the prospect and seeing everyone’s work.

Also, following the discovery of an AHRC-funded research project, supported by Gateways to the First World War to turn Edie Appleton’s WW1 diaries into a play, I made contact with Professor Alison Fell who then introduced me to Edie’s great nephew, Dick and great-great niece, recipe blogger Katie who have both passed me some Blackberry Recipes for the work.

The support and enthusiasm for Blackberry Tonic continues to humble and amaze me, thank you to all those who have supported the work thus far. Will endeavor to keep everyone in the loop on progress as it draws together.