17 – mounting

Posted on September 9, 2015

000 DMAG blog 5th workshop_Mounting-1

Another sunny Wednesday, another making workshop, another mounted member of The Friendly Army. Last week’s hard work paid-off today, when we finished the top of the Organ sculpture and mounted it on its six-legged body.

I also decided to use the original Colonel Stevens water pipes, that Mark Hopewell had found on the site, for the Receiver sculpture. The steel pipes used to lead from the water well to the water tank located in the woods, and from there to the water towers along the tracks. Two pipe sections will now be transformed into a listening device, referencing the WW1 sound locators that preceded radar technology. We figured out a way to fix the heavy steel tubes to the substructure and are hoping to build the Receiver sculpture next week.

Please click on the slide show below to see photographs of the mounted Organ, the Colonel Stevens pipes, the still existing water reservoir, as well as an historic photograph of one of the once seven water towers.