15 – third making workshop

Posted on August 20, 2015

000 DMAG blog 3rd Workshop-1

After a two-month summer break we resumed working on the Friendly Army yesterday. For the time of my absence Mark Hopewell had kindly secured the already existing sculptures by strapping them to the EKR Ranger Station (and vice-versa). Arriving early on a warm and pleasant Kentish summer day we could get straight into the third making workshop. By the end of the day Mark, special guest Ines Rudolph from Berlin, and I – cheered up by visits from Alison Hopewell (EKR) and Clare Smith (DAD) – had managed to join all remaining “bodies” and “legs” and completed the substructures for the Receiver, Shelter and Organ sculptures. We even found the time to experiment with various metal sheets and tubes as a preparation for the next session, when we want to build the “heads” of Receiver and Organ. More next week…