14 – Tower & Cross

Posted on June 24, 2015

EKR-Tower & Cross-1

Last week we had the second making workshop at East Kent Railway. Alison, Mark and I built two more sculptures for the Friendly Army: Tower and Cross.

The form of Tower is inspired by the shafts, chimneys and headgear structures of the East Kent Coalfield once served by the EKR network. The sculpture will be sited at the northern end of the remaining section of the line at Wigmore Lane Bridge, which originally linked to Tilmanstone Colliery and of which one brick abutment survives. Alternatively it might find a location along the now walkable trackbed branching off from Eythorne Station towards the site of the former Guilford Colliery.

Cross translates the two-dimensional crossing signs along the railway into three-dimensional elements. At the same time it pays tribute to the war memorials in the towns and villages in East Kent and alludes to the typology of wayside and Calvary crosses. The English “Calvary” is derived from the Latin “Calvaria”, but originates via the Greek “Golgotha” from an Aramaic form of the Hebrew name “Gulgoleth”, meaning “place of the skull”, the hill outside of Jerusalem on which Jesus was crucified. Between Shepherdswell and Eythorne the EKR line runs through the Golgotha Railway Tunnel underneath the woods with the same name, where Celtic, Saxon and Roman barrows were found. It would only be apt to place Cross in close proximity to the Golgotha woods and tunnel.

Please click on the gallery below to see images of the nearly finished Tower and Cross sculptures plus a few collages of Dragoon on patrol, exploring potential locations for the Friendly Army.