Posted on November 12, 2014

The day after Armistice Day.

Entering into a gallery landscape of black gauze-like frames to a film work, Undead Sun by Jane and Louise Wilson at the Imperial War Museum the context of Farnborough’s arresting scale and architecture in relation to occupation and action sculpt time. Having visited the Wind Tunnel Project over the summer, the physicality of the body and the sound of the landscape continues to permeate as a counterpoint to the representation of artifact and visual narrative. A sensitivity that can expand and contract – after viewing a short film by Christof Kohlhöfer and Sigmar Polke titled: The Whole Body Feels Light and Wants to Fly… / Der ganze Körper fühlt sich leicht und möchte fliegen… 1969 at Tate Modern on the way home.

This in the light of organising a day of talks; Musing inside the Museum at the V&A; the scope of operating and constructing multi-narratives continues to cohere.