Posted on May 9, 2015

After attending Peter’s stirring performance of Channel Firing at The National Portrait Gallery, I was particularly struck by the energetic hum in the room. The context of political portraits, listening to words, sight of Elgar’s bow viscerally combined. Vitalised by the occasion – thoughts around the planned piano recital in Deal percolate. Alongside pragmatics – numbers, arrangements, atmosphere etc. – temporality and permanency begin to oscillate.

Could Blackberry Tonic be permanent?

Recently discovered in the V&A archive a Morris & Co wallpaper by John Henry Dearle – Blackberry. Delicate and hopeful – printed in 1955 – designed in 1917! Have contacted Morris & Co about the possibility of reprinting – more on this soon.

Bramble_William Morris_01

Bramble_William Morris_04

Bramble_William Morris_03

Bramble_William Morris_02

[25.05.2015: With further research, have found some wallpapers by Arts & Crafts architect Charles Francis Annesley Voysey. Have always been struck by his modest approach to modernity in his papers and surprised to find his Bird and Bramble (1901!) wallpaper and contacted Trustworth about sourcing some but sadly the cost is prohibitive. However the prospect of in some way bridging the interior and exterior realm with a wallpaper is stirring.]

On a visit to the Whitworth Gallery stumbled across some handcrafted slingshots and twig/hooks (trooks) by High Wycombe contemporary maker Gregory Fisher. Made from found sustainable woods, including Kings Wood – have embarked upon a conversation about how to contain the postcards and associated Blackberry Tonic ephemera.

[12.05.2015: The boxes have arrived and have a significant weight and texture – thank you Geoffrey!]

Managed to find some time to read through the documentation sent through by Pat Smith, an astonishing record of the buildings in the area transformed over WW1 into hospitals.

The Grange Hospital, which consisted of 4 buildings.
1. The Grange, London Road with 28 beds (now: Brewood House School)
2. Sholden Lodge with 52 beds
3. Winchester House, and later The White House, London Road,
4. Maristhorpe, Beach Street with 60 beds.

Glack House, Upper Deal with 45 beds was an auxiliary of Monks Horton Convalescent Hospital, a Canadian Convalescent Hospital, Sept 1915 – Mar 1918. Warden House Red Cross Hospital; The Infirmary at the Royal Marines’ Barracks and Victoria Hospital, a civil hospital that took some military patients. Will be finding these locations in the coming months.